Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer Fishing has been Sweet

A gorgeous 20 inch brown. What a fight. This was after a 12 hour night shift. Nothing could keep me from this bad boy. Thanks for the pic Nate.

18 inch Rainbow fatty on a beautiful day. It was even sprinkling if you can tell.
Point and shoot right. I love catching Utah trout.

Mysterious brown in small waters. There are always fish in Utah waters if your patient enough to find where they are hiding.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day on the River

Wait for it...wait for it.....
Okay, I learned how to take a timed picture. This was the first rainbow I hooked up with. It was 15 inches. Don't let the size fool you. These rainbows are like footballs and have lots of power.
This was one of two browns I caught. The were both about 15 inches.
Another beautiful rainbow for with lots of gold in site.

Heeellloooo. This was the second brown. The spots were amazing on these trout.
I tried to get a good picture with my new net and my rod.
I couldn't hold the camera back far enough to get the whole trout in. Beautiful fish.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer's Catch

One of my biggest browns I have caught. A pure rush to pull this in.

A perfect day for a perfect settup.
No, this fish isn't happy to be caught.
Along with aggressive stike and setting of the line, it broke its jaw.

Adam with a sweet Cutthroat.

Fat cutt on a small lake. Such a blast to spend a day fishing with my twin.

Summer in the Uintahs

Beautiful Red Castle Lake.

Finally reaching the long awaited campspot.
We were still about 1/4 mile from destination. My hiking buddy was carring quite the load.
An absolute blast catching these football size cutthroats.

18 in Cutt. I was holding this one a little tight and it looks all warped.

18 inch male Cutthroat posing with my flybox from WRF.

16 in cutt basking in the afternoon sun.

Some of these big boys took a while to revive.
All made it though. This one was 18 inch.

Nothing like a picture with your rig and prize.
Near 11k feet and what a beautiful view.

17inch Cutthroat. She was a beaut.

Beautiful spots on this Cutt.

Taking a quick break to enjoy the view. Near 11k feet.

Male cutt.

18 in Cutt in a holding while I set up to take a picture.
These guys were definetly worth the long hike.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First for Everything

My first time on the Weber River proved successfull. We hooked up with lots of Browns and lots of fighting whitefish. A wonderful winter fishing day.

This was the largest brown of the day. It had a big back on it and beautiful spots.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiger Hunting 2007

Adam Van Schelt and I took some time to hunt for a trout that may seem meaningless, but to us they were trophies. We were looking to hook up with the Tiger trout. We headed to Washington Lake.

Although small, it was another species of trout under my belt. It is a great feeling to see new creatures of this life. Every trout we released.

Adam finally broke in his new flyrod & reel. Besides the locked keys in the car, waiting for new ones to come up 6+ hours later...and a nasty rain storm to sit through, it actually turned out to be a great trip. Adam knows I am giving him a hard time.

The butter yellow color and brown spotted pattern gives this trout its name. They are really fun to look at.

Adam is an expert Kayaker. He used this to his advantage to manuver to where the fish were jumping. He was the first to land one.

Focus, focus, focus. It was such a beautiful day on the lake.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wind River Trip 2007

Dave, Kent, and I at our 1st rest looking at the grassy ridge we needed to go over just over Dave's pack. We were so excited to finally be on the trip we planned for so long ago.
From the car we were to climb 3000 feet in less than 4 miles. Talk about a gut check. It was now or never.

There were roughly 100 (no joke) switchbacks like this throughout the trip. This kind of hike is not for the inexperienced or weak. It makes you wonder if you want to do it again. We took it one step at a time. That's me just ahead.
As we came around a bend we ran into this view. It was breathtaking. It was the first real lake of the trip we came across.

The coldest water I have ever crossed. This is a glacial river. The glacial silt comes off the high peaks and looks like this. It felt great on our feet that had been walking more than 20 miles... until about half way across. Then it felt like a million needles were stabbing your body. We actually bathed in this on our way back. It was an bone chilling dip to say the least.

Quite a somber and beautiful morning. No sounds of cars, people, cell phones, or computers. It was nature at its most raw level. Dave's Sierra Design ClipFlashlight is at the base of the picture.
Up on top. I felt like I was in a magazine of Patagonia. We were about 12k feet at this point. Off in the distance is the tallest peak in Wyoming. Mnt. Gannett usually has snow on it year round.

Wind River Trip 2007

Kent and I looking over our final decent into what we had been waiting for for a long time. It was a beautiful site. This was more than three dozen miles from any trailhead in the backcountry. One mistake and it would probably be your last.

The first Golden caught. I was so excited to catch this in a little stream. I now had a new species under my belt and felt great.

This golden is about 12 inches and has just lost its paw marks. The golden trout are such a magnificent fish. A true gift.
If you only knew the years of planning, sweat, and tears that went into this moment becoming a reality. It was awesome.

Dave had the Wonka Golden Ticket this trip. He came to grips with what many flyfishermen only dream of. Behold the mighty Golden.